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May 2017

April 11, 2017
6:00 PM

Meeting Location
TIME: 600 PM

Edward Loesch December 1978
William J Crowley, George J Foster 1996
Jerry M Gerber January 1996
William Brendza, Joseph J Cenzori 2011


Dr Allen Morinec , PHD
Distribution feeder protection
Auto reclosing, and Fuse Saving schemes

Minutes from the April 2017 Meeting

President Jeff Grassi called the meeting to order at 6:05 PM

Motion to accept the April 2017 minutes as emailed:

1st: Ted Athanas
2nd: Sheldon Gardner

Motion to accept the Treasurers Report
1st John Stilgault
2nd Sheldon Gardner

Secretaries Report

On February 22, 2017 the electrical league of Ohio put on a 2017 national electrical code updates. It
was held at the Holiday Inn Cleveland South at 6001 Rockside Rd., Independence, OH. I was one
of the three Instructors I covered Chapter 2 and Chapter 6, and there were 200 Attendees.

The 90th annual Ohio chapter educational conference and tradeshow, to be held at the Millennium
Hotel in Cincinnati Ohio on May 1-3, 2017. The secretary of the Ohio chapter had a problem with
the mailings this year so last month I batch emailed all the forms for this conference as well as all
the forms for the scholarship program. There should be some program and scholarship forms at
the back table for those who need them.
Preregistration is $150 with a companion program of $50 in late registration will be $175. This year
education will feature changes in the NEC as well as expanded educational opportunities with
new credited technical and industry presentations. The room rates for standard room is 109 per
night that’s plus applicable taxes and fees parking will be $10-$15 a day. Please make reservations
before April 14, 2017 and make sure you refer to the international Association of electrical
inspectors to get the room discount. The Millennium Hotel in Cincinnati is at 150 W. 5th St.,
Cincinnati, OH 45202. Phone number to call the hotel is area code 513-352-2100 or 800-876-2100.
The conference includes a flexible program that’ll meet your busy schedule and educational
needs. You choose which technical sessions in which days to attend while earning valuable CE
hours for IAEI, BBS, OCI LB, and ICC. The program includes scheduled time to interact with trade
show vendors so that you can experience and see new and emerging technologies first hand.

Effective yesterday March 13, 2017, I started working at the City of Broadview Hts. as a Building
Inspector. There is no change in my phone number and I am still available to answer any
questions that come up throughout the month as usual for any Inspector, Contractor and
Professional Engineer, Utility, etc.  


New Business

Joe Cenzori discussed some items to look for in your plan reviews on Solar Photo Systems

Good of the Order
                                        Discussion on Incidental Inspections and proposed HB128 Third party Inspections took
place. After about 20 minutes Jerry Gerber made a motion to continue at a later date due to time restraints.

Old Business

Education for this Meeting
Jack Bene’
Protection of parking lot and street lighting circuits.
How to enforce the requirement for coordination when a generator is

Meeting Adjourned at 9:00 PM